Business Owner Success Toolkit


  • Perfect companion to the book
  • Know where you’re going,
    when you want to be there,
    how you’ll get there, and
    what you need to do today to get there

You can go for 30 years and never pay attention
to any of these four critical building blocks. If you don’t, you’re destined to stay on the treadmill like most other businesses. If you do, you’re on the road to freedom. He who makes the rules wins. We have a choice!

  • Lifetime Goals Workshop
    You need a Big Why — Why are you doing this?!
  • Strategic Plan Workshop
    Know your Big Why then get a simple 2pg.
    Strategic Plan to get you there.
  • Process Mapping Workshop
    Key to getting out of the “producer” role
    and off the treadmill.
  • Outside Eyes
    There’s no workshop for this. We just encourage you to use the Business Owner Success Toolkit in conjunction with a trusted advisor who can get you there a lot faster.

Your business should give you: Money, Time, Significance. Is your business giving you all three of these?

Download the Business Owner Success Toolkit and put your business on track to make money while you’re on vacation. Build a business you can enjoy for decades – do it now!

In the download package you will receive PDF, Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files with instructions and templates you need to get these three simple but powerful tools working immediately in your business.

If Chuck Blakeman was helping you personally build the Success Toolkit into your business it would cost you many thousands of dollars. If you took these workshops separately in person, they would still cost you hundreds. If you download them and get moving on your own, you can do it right now for ONLY $279.


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